Oh my God! Olivia, Jack top British baby names!

The BBC reports, and I’m not making this up, that the two top baby names in Britain this year were … wait for it … Olivia and Jack.

Should this worry the Stephens and Michaels of this world, or what?

Oliver and Ruby came in second in the British boys’ and girls’ categories, the BBC reported. (Thank God it was never Olivia and Oliver. There are just some things the English-speaking world couldn’t bear!)

According to the Beeb, Jack has been the top boys’ name in Britain for 14 years, but Olivia knocked off Grace for the top spot in 2006.

Meanwhile, the government of Alberta claims that the top baby name for boys in this province has been Ethan since 2001. Hmmmm… Ethan?

Furthermore, the province reports that Ava was the top girls’ baby name in 2007 and 2006, replacing Emma, which held the No. 1 spot for the three years before that.

OK. Maybe. But, seriously, you have to wonder. Have you ever met anyone named Ava? The next-door neighbours’ new grandson? He isn’t Ethan. … He’s Jack!

Could the province be covering up for political reasons? I mean, what would Canadians think if Alberta’s supposedly unanimously retrogressively preservative voters were naming their children after Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton and his wife, MP Olivia Chow? Well?

In an exclusive interview with St. Albert Diary (really! if you count email, anyway), Layton observed yesterday: “Olivia and I guess that our parents, at the time on opposite sides of the planet (Hong Kong and Montreal) were a few decades ahead of the curve.”

Well, the 2008 Alberta name stats aren’t out yet.

What do you want to bet the top Alberta baby names for 2008 are … Olivia & Jack!

If not 2008, then, 2009. Happy New Year!

[Thanks to Tiny Perfect Blog for the idea.]

3 Comments on "Oh my God! Olivia, Jack top British baby names!"

  1. Chrystal Ocean says:

    Now THAT is positively scary. Olivia? Maybe. Jack? What are these people thinking!

  2. David Harrigan says:

    Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, CBC, CTV, St. Albert Gazette, even St. Albert Saint City News – all can eat your dust!

    That is the most in-depth exclusive interview of Layton I have read from Alberta. At least so far this year.

  3. weisergeezer says:

    My cats name is Ava


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