Stevens out. Danielle Smith in?

OK, it’s blog-certified semi-official – completely official if you count a late-in-the-day report by the moribund Canadian Press: Danielle Smith is going to run for the leadership of the far-right Wildrose Alliance Party.

Since her likely leadership bid was first reported on this blog on April 22, Ms. Smith has confirmed in several more sympathetic spots on the dark side of the blogosphere that she is indeed seriously considering the idea.

“The leadership of the Wildrose Alliance is very enticing for me,” Smith told a right-wing blogger a few days after stepping aside as Alberta director of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, an organization that produces press releases. She said much the same thing to the Canadian Press – Canada’s national news service, which unfortunately no longer numbers many Canadian newspapers among its subscribers, which may be why you missed the story.

But is she really? An alternate theory around from the start has held that Ms. Smith’s Wildrose Alliance talk was just that, hot air, designed to present her as a right-wing competitor to Premier Ed Stelmach, the better to negotiate a cabinet post in Mr. Stelmach’s Conservative government. With the Stelmach cabinet far past its best-before date, Ms. Smith could offer a little charisma and a nice chic wardrobe in return for not posing a real threat from the right. All she’d need to qualify would be a comfortable Calgary seat in the Legislature.

Today comes the intriguing news that Deputy Premier Ron Stevens, the Minister for International and Intergovernmental Relations and MLA for Calgary-Glenmore, is pulling the plug, effective immediately. Mr. Stevens plans to “pursue other career options,” a laudatory government news release informed us earlier today.

Hmmm. Does this mean a nice spot in what used to be known in simpler times as Baghdad on the Bow has been opened up for Ms. Smith? Or do negotiations continue? The next few days should tell the story.

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  1. Calgary Rants says:

    David, just as your April 22 post proved correct…I think you hit this on the head!



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