Ignorance-bombs away! Welcome to Alabamberta!

Now that the Alberta Legislature’s passed Bill 44, I’m going to download a Duelling Banjos ringtone for my cellphone. That way, when I’m traveling in British Columbia later this week, folks’ll know where I’m from every time my phone rings!

One expects, however, that a lot of Albertans travelling elsewhere in Canada will adopt the opposite strategy. I think of this as the “American Approach,” as in stitching a Canadian flag on your knapsack and pretending you’re from somewhere more enlightened … say, the back woods of New Brunswick or rustbelt Ontario. “Uh, like, I’m from … Oshawa! You know, near Owen Sound… Thanks for asking…”

Seriously, folks, this may be embarrassing, but it’s going to get worse. It’s only a matter of time before Ed Stelmach’s comedic hickocracy puts someone on trial for having too much edumucation and teaching evolution to children. (Which is, as my Sunday School teacher admonished and Honest Ed knows in his heart to be true, nothing more than “Devil-ution!) Or, even worse, tells the kids about condominiums!

What’s got into these guys, you wonder? Personally, I think it’s simple, small-minded malice. Forced by those bad old federal courts to recognize the basic human rights of gay people, they got their revenge by embedding this little ignorance bomb in the relevant piece of legislation. Enlighten me? I’ll show you!

Well, they did show us! And it plays to their base to boot!

Who could ask for more? Well, now that they’ve sorted out the uppity schoolteachers, if they could just come up with a juicily ironic way to get at the college perfessers, the place would be pretty well perfect.

Welcome to Alabamberta!

One Comment on "Ignorance-bombs away! Welcome to Alabamberta!"

  1. Skinny Dipper says:

    If I were a teacher in Alabamberta, I would provide send a notice to the parents at the beginning of the year that all learning of the curriculum will include a theme of world studies. At any time in the year, discussions may include referencees to sexual orientation, sexuality, and religion. Essentially, it is a 10 month permission form that the parents would need to sign. It puts the onus on the parents to accept a whole-world concept of teaching and learning rather than a piecemeal approach of exclusive teaching and learning.

    At a few schools in my board, there are a few that are located next to a forest or ravine. Some of those schools do send year-long permission forms for the teachers to take their children off property to go into the forests and ravines to study science. This is much easier than sending permission forms every time a teacher wants to take his/her students offsite.

    Alberta teachers need to fight back by sending a permission form to the students' parents and guardians that lasts for the whole school year.


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