Housekeeping matters related to comments and the demise of the Tiny Perfect Blog

Comments on this blog are moderated, meaning that the author reviews them before publication and reserves the right not to publish them.

It is my view that it behooves the authors of blogs like this to be thoughtful and careful about what they say, for reasons I outlined in one of my first posts.

It is my goal that every critical comment that appears in these pages is reasonable, accurate, based upon provable facts and fair – at least in the sense that a reasonable person could draw the same conclusion from the same facts, even if the reader disagrees.

I certainly don’t mind if a reader disagrees with me and I hope for comments that debate my opinions.

Lately, however, a couple of posts on this blog have prompted some responses about individuals that are, shall we say, fairly direct and personal in their criticism. They are probably fair. Nevertheless, in several cases I have made the decision to edit, or simply not to post, such comments. Probably, I am too cautious. Posters of such commentary must forgive me if that is so. It’s based on bitter personal experience.

On a related topic, there is no secret about my identity or the identity of my employer, the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees. I generally make an effort in this blog not to bloviate on issues directly related to my employer’s business or activities.

It is also well known that I have been an admirer of the Tiny Perfect Blog and have enjoyed the commentary provided by its anonymous author (pictured at right, as he/she chose to be portrayed), feeling, shall we say, that it likely provided some insight into the workings of the official NDP mind in Alberta. I often agreed with Tiny’s commentary and provided a link on this blog to Tiny’s effort.

Recently there has been a lot of buzz concerning the identity of Tiny Perfect, who has stopped commentating (at least under that name) and has hung up a gone-out-of-business sign on his/her blog. In the last few hours, Tiny pulled the comments section of the Tiny Perfect Blog.

Since according to Tiny there was an AUPE angle to this story, I have begun to receive comments on my blog related to Tiny’s situation, appended to unrelated stories. Some of these have taken the form of questions to me about Tiny’s identity, and so on.

Alas, I have a traditional newshound’s sense of propriety regarding commentary – to wit, that it should stick to the issue being commented upon. As I am unlikely to have much more to say about Tiny or the TPB, I won’t be publishing comments of this sort.

However, readers who would like to direct their questions about my views regarding Tiny to me personally may do so by email at djclimenhaga (at) where I may be prepared to answer their queries privately.

One Comment on "Housekeeping matters related to comments and the demise of the Tiny Perfect Blog"

  1. Tim Osborne says:

    Hopefully, he/she will be back. I, too, enjoy the commentary on TPB.


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