The Big Apple: Disneyland for Grownups

Manhattan, unlike the last time I was here in 1980, is safe, clean and crowded.
Crowds are out day and night…
…To take in the sights, and lights, like these in Times Square.
So this is the reason I have little to say about Alberta today.

2 Comments on "The Big Apple: Disneyland for Grownups"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Come on David, Alberta is burning up in flames and you are playing in NYC–come back and save us Dave. We need your wisdom in this time where Alberta posts 6.9 billion deficit.

  2. David J. Climenhaga says:

    Thanks for this vote of confidence, Anonymous. I'm back, but still in recovery mode. You know, jet lag. I'll start working on the save-Alberta project soon.


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