Alberta Diary: a new name for a new year

Directly above: iconic St. Albert. Above that: iconic Alberta.

A reader writes: “Congratulations on your new, more appropriate name. I wonder about your choice of image for the new name’s background. Are you succumbing to nostalgia?”

Last things first: Of course I’m succumbing to nostalgia. Not succumbing, I’ve succumbed! … and in more ways than Curmudgeon-at-Large can imagine. That said, grain elevators seem to me to be the perfect icon for the Prairies, what they once were, are now, and ever shall be, once the oil runs out. And, if the oil takes a long time running out, they are a nice symbol of a truly sustainable economy we could have amidst the environmental wreckage now being bequeathed to us and our children.

As for the name, well, I’ve been planning this change for a time for the obvious reason Curmudgeon points out. I’d thought that the New Year – the beginning of 2010 – would be a great time to put it into effect. But as often happens in human affairs, I was pushed ahead a little by circumstance. To wit: When I wrote and inquired, the man behind the Progressive Bloggers roll was prepared to make the change to his listing right now, and I figured I’d best follow suit, pronto.

My intention when I began writing this blog in December 2007 was to write a lot about municipal political affairs in St. Albert. While I have done that from time to time, and likely still will (the temptation right now to weigh in on speed limits is strong), the focus clearly has been on provincial affairs. From the standpoint of attracting readers, as well as truth in advertising, a name that explains this reality makes more sense than one that doesn’t. And so, St. Albert Diary becomes Alberta Diary.

Because this blog is hosted by, it can still be found at This will continue as long as I use the Blogger application. In addition, it can be found at

However, within a few days I also hope to have it display at In time, I may use for something else – say, some sort of political venture. But for the time being, I hope, all three will point readers to this blog.

Thankfully, my typing fingers were dependable, and it was albertadiary I managed to register, not albertadairy – as I feared for a few moments. Someone else owns that – an Alberta dairy farmer, one can only hope!

So, welcome to Alberta Diary, and, in a few days, welcome to 2010.

2 Comments on "Alberta Diary: a new name for a new year"

  1. Brian Dell says:

    I can't see "David Climenhaga" without squinting into the pale blue sky there. I suggest a more contrasting colour than white lest the Alberta Diary approach anonymity.

  2. David J. Climenhaga says:

    Brian: How's that? DJC


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