Alberta Party Website makes appearance – and some interesting points

As readers of this blog will know, “I’m from Missouri” on the topic of the Alberta Party. (That’s because Missouri is the “Show Me State,” my Canadian brethren. Actually, I’m from Vancouver Island, but never mind that right now.)

I’ve been carping for some time now that the Alberta Party’s “Big Listen” seems to have been going on for an awfully long time, with nothing but the promise of a Website outlining their positions on the issues.

Well, their Website has now appeared, and it is worth a look, even though the actual policy positions remain rather thin on the ground.

I would say the new party’s supporters still have a ways to go, particularly about clarifying what it means to be “a political party that will work for all Albertans.” Speaking for myself, I’ll need to see some policy positions before they’ll make a believer out of me.

However, Alberta Party spokesthingy Chima Nkemdirim makes some interesting points, some of them well worth repeating. Common themes he cited from his experience listening large included the following:

  • The lack of long-term planning by our government is a significant concern. Whether it is healthcare, education, or road construction, there seems to be a fairly consistent view that our government is doing a poor job of planning for the future.
  • Sustainability, in a broad sense, has emerged as another theme. Many participants have discussed sustainability in the context of the environment and land stewardship. Others have discussed the need to have a small town sustainability strategy to help keep our rural communities viable.
  • Family security is a consistent theme. Many participants are worried about their jobs, concerned about saving for retirement and the affordability of post secondary education for their children.
  • Many participants have recognized the need for a strong and sustainable energy industry. There is also a strong desire to ensure that some of the wealth created from fossil fuels is available for future generations.

With the province approaching the “pink zone,” if not the pre-election red zone, one hopes that we hear more from the APs in the weeks ahead.

One Comment on "Alberta Party Website makes appearance – and some interesting points"

  1. Curmudgeon-at-Large says:

    I don't know if I can support a party that doesn't recognize the redundancy of the expression "planning for the future."

    I guess I'll have to continue my current policy of voting for Hugh MacDonald while cheering for the NDs.


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