Stop me before I blog again! Alberta Diary is closed for vacation until Aug. 22

Gone campin’ … NOT!


No, really! I promise not to post about the CFIB’s attempt to bring “right to work” legislation to Alberta and ensure even less money is available for the “entrepreneurs” it pretends to represent.

And I promise not to blog about how Toronto’s odious Ford Bothers are trying to privatize animal shelters, ensuring that puppies will die to make their neo-Con dreams come true.

And I promise not to attempt to make up for the amazing dearth of stories in the mainstream media about how the Arab Spring has now spread to Israel, or the complete media silence on how the U.K. riots are a natural outcome of the re-Thatcherization of Britain.

Read my lips: No. New. Posts. For. (Almost.) Two. Weeks.

I really mean it! If I break down and post … Someone stop me before I blog again!

However, I promise to return to blogging here at and on on Aug. 22, or thereabouts…

But no posts until then, even if Gary Mar endorses Alison Redford for Tory leader! Even if Janet Brown publishes a new poll that shows the Wildrose in majority territory! Even if they start offering secular public education in Morinville! (Now there’s a wild one … there’s no word yet, by the way, nada, nothing, on whether anything came of that much touted Aug. 4 meeting in Morinville that was supposed to fix the problem … again.)

Not even if it turns out a big shot federal Tory minister was a member of the Bloc Quebecois! Oh, wait, that was last night’s story!

4 Comments on "Stop me before I blog again! Alberta Diary is closed for vacation until Aug. 22"

  1. Carlos says:

    have a good break David. I have a feeling that you are going to be forced to blog in this period though. Britain is not going to calm down unless of course they copy Siria and start killing people which could be possible who the heck knows these days!
    Gary Mar is too egocentric to think that Redford is any good so no news there. As far as the Arab Spring – well it is as exciting as our democracies in the west. Nothing changes, just faces.
    Alberta will be as static as ever and the announcement will be the exciting news that the PCs are going to win again. I cannot wait.
    In Toronto I have a feeling soon one of the Fords will face a guy like in Norway, but being Canada, maybe just a pie with lots of cream will be news for 2 weeks.

  2. Filostrato says:

    Have a nice vacation.

    Don't even think of blogging unless it's about Stephen Harper locking himself in the bathroom in Brazil until he got his way.

    Or maybe not even then.

    Tantrums 'R Us – The Harper South American Tour

  3. janfromthebruce says:

    Hope you have a great vacation David!

  4. JAJ says:

    Enjoy your vacation.


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