The Top Ten reasons to worry about Premier Gary Mar

Gary Mar exactly as he appeared at a recent Conservative leadership forum, as some guy looks on. Your blogger is on the road, has limited Internet access and needs to keep it short…. so, perhaps we can explore this theme in greater detail soon. Photo by Dave Cournoyer.


10) He’s supported by Doug Griffiths

9) He’s supported by Rick Orman

8) He’s supported by Ted Morton

7) He’s Danielle Smith’s greatest hope

6) Boy is he ever supported by Kelley Charlebois

5) He’s a big advocate of the Keystone XL Pipeline

4) He did a lousy job of advocating the Keystone XL pipeline

3) He’s supported by Ron Liepert

2) He wants to introduce private two-tier health care



1) He’s Ralph Klein’s favourite candidate!

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6 Comments on "The Top Ten reasons to worry about Premier Gary Mar"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dave C, I hope the collective bargainers will throw their support being Alison. Its when the back room deals keep getting made, the facade continues, and the right thing is never done! Then during the provincial election, its time to give the Tories a final pink slip into history and vote for the Liberals. Sorry, but NDP will NOT appeal to the mainstream Albertans to ever form Gov't here. If there is any influence left with collective bargainers, that is the right type of support to throw, otherwise we are all headed to something far worse than the 1990's and stalinmech era.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The next election could be an interesting race. It will be fascinating to watch the two parties joust for the votes of the people. It's hard to determine who will come our on top.

    Well, at least it's safe to say the Liberal, NDP, and Alberta candidates can start writing their concession speeches.

  3. susanonthesoapbox says:

    Well said David (and witty too). The fact that the top 3 reasons are "old boys club" reasons is precisely why we need to put Alison into the premier's office.

  4. Mo Valentine says:

    Gary Mar is downright scary and I am glad people like you are putting this out there. Another one that has great info on Gary is Jabber-D at Alberta

    Keep up the great work David!

  5. Carlos says:

    I agree with Susan that Alison is better than any of the other ones but why not someone outside that soap box? I am tired of their smell and lack of cleaning power.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It's clear that Danielle Smith will come on the bottom. The WRA couldn't have found a worse leader – she's far too ideological and extreme. Rob Anderson could win, but Danielle is beyond a joke.


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