Goodbye sweet Prins – did he jump or was he pushed?

Ray Prins prepares to walk the plank, possibly with a little prodding by his premier. Unexpectedly departing Alberta Conservative politicians may be pretty much as illustrated. Below: Mr. Prins as he appears to his friends and family.

Now hear this! Now hear this! All hands to Damage Control! All hands to Damage Control!

Did Ray Prins jump, or was he pushed?

We’ll probably never know for sure, but it certainly sounds as if the Progressive Conservative MLA for Lacombe-Ponoka and chair of the committee that has become Alberta Premier Alison Redford’s No. 1 political problem, exited stage right with a good hard shove.

At any rate, barely hours before an Alberta provincial election is likely to be called, Mr. Prins up and announced he wouldn’t be running for re-election after all, as his constituents had believed, leaving the governing party short one candidate at a decisive moment.

He made his unexpected announcement late Tuesday, ambiguously telling the CBC: “The media, opposition parties and public questioning my integrity as a person and an MLA. While I firmly believe that I have not contravened my oath of office, commitment to Albertans or the tenets of my faith, the issues surrounding the MLA compensation were an unnecessary distraction for my caucus colleagues in the upcoming election.”

Mr. Prins has been the chair of the Alberta Legislature’s now-notorious “do-nothing committee.” The Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections, Standing Orders and Printing sparked widespread outrage when it was revealed members from all parties have been accepting an extra $1,000 a month even though the committee hasn’t met in almost four years.

For his troubles as chair, or lack of them, Mr. Prins has been getting an extra $1,500 monthly.

When the pot boiled over a few days ago and the appalling money-for-nothing optics turned the payments into a minor scandal, orders came down from the Premier’s office that at least some of the money must be repaid by government MLAs on the committee. After all, Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman had already handed back the full $40,000 he’d received for doing nothing on the committee.

Legislature insiders suggest the government members of the committee were in a state of apprehended insurrection when their boss demanded they cough up the dough – which many of them, presumably, had already spent. It’s not clear if Mr. Prins was one of the most mutinous committee members, but you can count on it that his belief he did nothing wrong in the eyes of God or Man is completely sincere.

A compromise of sorts was worked out, averting an outright rebellion, and the PC committee members agreed to pay back the portion of the overpayment accumulated since Ms. Redford became premier. Even so, in some cases that’s going to bite.

The trouble is, the compromise essentially required the committee members to concede they were taking money for nothing – and also refusing to pay everything back. Is it just me, or does that make the situation look even worse? Wouldn’t the optics be better to say this illustrates he problems with the intentionally deceptive pay scheme for all Alberta MLAs and make a case for paying them a straight-up salary that reflects their responsibilities?

Of course, another sensible thing for a government to do in this predicament would be to stall for a few weeks until the public had moved on to something else. Alas for Premier Redford, she is hoist on her own petard – having just eliminated her room for maneuver by getting a “fixed election period” law passed.

This might have sounded like a good idea a couple of months ago. Now it looks like the party’s been tied to the mast while the electoral ship takes on water! At any rate, with an election unavoidably looming and the CBC breaking a new embarrassing illegal donations story about the government virtually every day, it’s pretty clear Mr. Prins would have become the excruciating focus of voter outrage if he’d stuck around.

This way, the premier can lamely insist her caucus is united and all is well.

However it came about, someone decided Mr. Prins had to go. Maybe he took one for the team. Maybe someone pushed him down the plank.

Whatever it was, that splash you just heard was the sound of Ray Prins hitting the water.

That is all! That is all!

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8 Comments on "Goodbye sweet Prins – did he jump or was he pushed?"

  1. Sam Gunsch says:

    @ Climenhaga re: the PC committee members agreed to pay back the portion of the overpayment accumulated since Ms. Redford became premier. Even so, in some cases that’s going to bite.

    By only targetting payment since she became premier, Redford does gain some more traction for her campaigning strategy of contrasting the Redford gov't against the previous 'gov't.'

    We all recall how this did seem to work for Klein, even though he'd been part of the gov't for a lot controversial stuff like housing allowances.

  2. Meadowlark Lemon says:

    Regardless, David Swann was way ahead of the curve and Raj Sherman is even further ahead.

    I remember 1993 and the "Housing Allowance" which resulted in several NDP MLA's being defeated and several PC MLA's retiring.

    Ray Prins and Rachel Notley just don't get that average Albertans don't get paid extra for doing their JOBS.

  3. Filostrato says:

    So, since he's leaving, does that mean he doesn't have to pay back the money?

    Cue Dire Straits:

    "That ain't workin', that's the way you do it,
    Get your money for nothin', get your chicks for free."

    (Not sure about the chicks…)

    Goodbye sweet Prins,
    And righteous anger fling thee from the nest.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jump or Pushed? More like walked the plank…

    Alyson obviously went after a thorn in her side, and by his comments good on her

    Can't help but be reminded of the lyrics Dire Straights sang years ago:

    Money for nothing and the chicks for free

    Dire straights indeed, each and every one of the receipients should either pay it back now or have their pay garnasheed. For those that left, civil proceedings for fraud would be apt

    How many others (Dr Raj included) have been content to sit on these ill gotten gains and would have continued without being outted

    Seems there isn't an honest politician in any party

    Maybe the French were right 200+ years ago…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Prins in the water? Must be the north end of Sylvan Lake where his county of Lacombe has approved enough development to pave the lake over.

  6. Carlos Beca says:

    Well we may have heard a splash but in Alberta the only meaningful splash would be a tsunami.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ Meadowlark Lemon

    How was Sherman ahead of the curve? He waited until the news broke before he paid back the money.

    Swann may well have donated that money to charity. But I would venture to say almost every MLA donates about 10,000 to various charities throughout the year. One could easily claim that this money was used for that purpose.

    Frankly, I think we are all being a little harsh on Mr. Prins. Who amongst us would turn down money? It is the way that MLAs are paid in general that is the problem. They should have a flat pay (except for ministers)and not have different avenues of pay.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Dave, ND's like R.Ntly should have given back the allowance.

    The ALP is going to win big in Edmonton, pickup in Calgary and get a few rural seats as well. There will be electoral surprises. WR will win huge in Calgary and pickup some seats in Edmonton and huge gains in Rural AB.


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