More files from the You-Heard-It-Here Dep’t

Jeffrey Simpson of Canada’s National Website ponders the topic of another column. High-profile national prognosticators may not appear exactly as illustrated.

More files from the Déjà-Vu-All-Over-Again Dep’t at Canada’s National Website and the You-Heard-It-Here Dep’t at Alberta Diary :

 “Are storm clouds forming in Alberta Premier Alison Redford’s sunny skies?”

“… Ms. Redford’s problem in a nutshell goes like this: Back before her election as leader, she wasn’t the most popular kid in premier Ed Stelmach’s cabinet. She was sharp-tongued, critical of her colleagues and didn’t have many friends. That’s why when she ran for the leadership, she had the support of only one caucus member, lacklustre Calgary backbencher Art Johnston. She still doesn’t have many friends in caucus. The difference is, now she’s the boss. …”

– David J. Climenhaga, Alberta Diary, Sept. 28, 2012

“All is not well in the state of Redford”

“…It turns out Ms. Redford is tough to work for and with. Staff turnover has been a problem and, by privately conveyed accounts, ministers and MLAs are frustrated with her one-person style of decision-making. She has to learn that she’s the leader, yes, but the leader of a team.”

– Jeffery Simpson, The Globe and Mail, Nov. 10, 2012

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3 Comments on "More files from the You-Heard-It-Here Dep’t"

  1. fubar says:

    We may have heard it here before, but Simpson’s column is astonishingly fact free. I’m OK with a blogger making this claim, but a supposed national newspaper? Actually, it struck me as traditional hack journalism, a hit piece. No sources, no references, no nothing.
    Is this what the G&M provides for a mere $19.99 a month? And don’t forget Wente. Had to give up the NP (I mean Mark Steyn, come on man), now it looks like the G&M is out the window too.

  2. david says:

    Fubar: Alberta Diary remains committed to providing unsourced, unreferenced, fact-free hack journalism and hit pieces without a paywall. Advertisers take note!

    • Bobbie Saga says:

      Alberta Diary remains… Keep raising the bar on uhm… unsourced, unreferenced, fact-free hack journalism. And maybe you can get some government funding. Then again, what am I saying??? That moneyt’s only earmarked for Action Plan(s).


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