Order of Canada for Stevie Cameron sets the right tone for the coming Year of Mulroney

Happy New Year … and this time I mean it! Author and cook Stevie Cameron wearing the official regalia of a member of the Order of Canada. Actual Order of Canada recipients may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: The real Ms. Cameron; Brian Mulroney, the 18th prime minister of Canada, wearing his OiC pin in his official portrait by Igor Babailov, which kind of captures the guy, you have to admit.

What a delightful and ironic twist on which to end one year and start another was the announcement yesterday that Stevie Cameron had been awarded the Order of Canada!

And here I thought I was finished writing about – or at least during – 2012, with my bloviations yesterday on the future of Alberta’s NDP.

Ms. Cameron’s appointment on the cusp of 2013 makes up for some of the rather inferior choices by the committee that has picked the Order’s recipients over the past few decades. (You all know who I have in mind, I’m sure.)

Now, Ms. Cameron was supposedly given “Canada’s highest civilian honour” for her work as a philanthropist and a chef, but we all know better, surely?

The fact that Ms. Cameron strove to drive a stake (metaphorically speaking) through former prime minister Brian Mulroney’s Conservative heart must have been factored into this decision – if only at the committee’s subconscious level.

Alert readers will recall that Ms. Cameron is also a journalist and author, who wrote about Mr. Mulroney at some length in her 1994 tome, On the Take: Crime, Corruption and Greed in the Mulroney Years.

For some reason, the Toronto Star did not mention this notable fact of authorship in its summary of this year’s excellent crop of OiC winners, a list that also includes former Liberal Deputy PM Sheila Copps, former Newfoundland Liberal premier Brian Tobin, former B.C. NDP premier Mike Harcourt and pianist Jane Coop.

But who can forget On the Take, which Amazon.com describes on its sales site to this day as the “stunning expose of greed and crime in the Mulroney era” that “confirmed and detailed” the “widespread corruption the public suspected during Brian Mulroney’s regime”?

Mr. Mulroney and his many supporters of course vigorously dispute this assessment by the editors at Amazon – a fact that leads us to the irony in Ms. Cameron’s elevation to the heights of Member of the Order of Canada. For 2013, whether we like it or not, is surely bound to be the Year of Brian Mulroney.

That is, 2013 will be the year that Mr. Mulroney – a Companion of the Order, its highest rank, since 1998 – will almost certainly subject Canadians to the full-court press in his tireless campaign to salvage his tattered reputation before the final judgment of history is rendered. (The court referred to in this expression, I am reasonably certain, is the kind on which one plays tennis, not the kind Mr. Mulroney’s former associate Karlheinz Schreiber appealed to in hopes of not being extradited back to Germany to face accusations of tax evasion.)

Mr. Mulroney will do this, as has been previously reported in this space, with the able assistance of the professional lobbyists at the Earnscliffe Strategy Group, many of whom have past associations with the former PM.

For her part, Ms. Cameron has a fairly low opinion of Mr. Mulroney. She once told an interviewer she’d really rather write about serial killers.

That cruel assessment notwithstanding, Mr. Mulroney did some things right, and history should recognize his achievements.

But his record, in toto, is hardly universally lustrous. Perhaps Ms. Cameron’s appointment to the Order of Canada late in 2012 can remind us, at those moments in 2013 when the 18th prime minster of Canada positively seems to glow, that may be because a group of professional lobbyists are shining us on.

Again, Happy New Year! And Happy New Year to you, Stevie!

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5 Comments on "Order of Canada for Stevie Cameron sets the right tone for the coming Year of Mulroney"

  1. Hal L. Monitor says:

    Love the portrait. You can almost see the cloud bubble over Muldoon’s head saying, “I’m smarter than YOU are!”

  2. An excellent and refreshing post.. tho a painful reminder .. of Lyin Brian
    so desperate for cash in brown bags to feed and dress his poor underfed children …
    while suffering hardship – starvation gladly, as Prime Minister of Canada
    and poor suffering Mila wearing hand me down rags …

    Cry Me A River …….

    In 2013 of course we will continue to regress backwards in time
    as Stephen Harper also struggles to feed and clothe his children ..
    who seem frozen in time.. in official approved photographs
    and Colleen .. who .. uh .. does her dutiful thing .. mmm

    What will Harper’s excuse be ? As his self proclaimed faux Tim Horton’s legacy rots away
    just as Mulroney’s is falling apart under the moral microscope ..

    Pathological public lies laid bare, parliamentary secrecy and obstruction revealed
    fopish posturing as a ‘hockey dad’, attempts to masks his dark dreams of reinstating colonial times,
    his odd and stiff adaption of Judaism and daily prayerful strident ‘Rapture’ theology,
    his attack on democratic values, extinguishing First Nations Rights and Treaties
    attacking the environment that sustains us
    and consorting with and catering to.. his benevolent and democratic new banker friend China ..

    The cash don’t come in brown bags no more.. they don’t make em that big
    Offshore accounts n deposits baby .. Board of Directorships at ludicrous rates
    and stock options that would float a 3rd world country .. like Canada.
    That’s where I plot Thievin Stephen Harper at in.. say 6 years.

    When the clamor for actual accountability, the Freedom of Information requests
    occur faster than The Conservative Party and the Harper Government
    can redact or shred or destroy or deny them. Stephen will ‘suddenly retire’ from politics. Canada will be served up an unelected PM. Let’s see .. who would that be.. John Baird ? Jimbo Flaherty ? Immaculate Virgin Jason Kenney ? Empty head Peter Mackay ? Any of those four is electoral death for the former Harper Party .. Hey ! How about Tony Clement ?

    If we really want to examine The Harper Government forensically..
    (which is a really scary, scaly, slimy task .. HazMat suit required)
    we should be examining their contracts with paper shredders..
    and looking critically at any new PMO hires with expertise in magic markers or scissors
    as well as gee whiz bang Poli Sci grads – with immaculate Live & Robo
    Electoral Attack skills – suppression skills
    - comfortable in back room – war room environments
    good with extinguishing or defying rights – bluster – denial – more bluster
    and A-OK to relocate to Kuwait on short notice

    • ema says:

      What an insightful recording of the sorry, slimy states of Mulroney and Harper in their PM roles.
      What I’d like to know is, who is up to forensically checking into the alleged $5M already accumulated by Harper since he arrived in Ottawa? It’s a matter of public record that he was barely solvent when he left Calgary.

  3. Lorne says:

    What a sad commentary it is on the Harper regime that, as morally compromised as the Mulroney reign was, I can look back on it with some nostalgia.

  4. Bytowner says:

    What of The Sunday Edition‘s Michael Enright? The timing of his award was entertaining, particularly given his essay that weekend.


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