A tale of a fateful trip: Alberta Wildrose leader to ship out on nine-day ‘Freedom Cruise’!

Hey little buddy, come with me! Wildrose Party Leader Danielle Smith chats with Sun News Network TV host Ezra Levant. Below: Mr. Levant with Sun TV personality Brian Lilley. Actual far-right bloviators and politicians may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below them: The actual Mr. Levant, the actual Mr. Lilley and the actual Ms. Smith, caught in a National Post snapshot holding right-wing banana cream pie in the sky.

Avast, Matey! Alberta Opposition Leader Danielle Smith has signed on to ship out with a group of Sun News Network bloviators aboard the Holland-America Line’s MV Minnow for Ezra Levant’s “Freedom Cruise” in August.

It has not yet been announced if Ms. Smith will play the role of Mary Ann or Ginger aboard the Alaska-bound excursion.

Sun News commentator Brian Lilley is likely, it is said here, to be cast in the role of Gilligan opposite Mr. Levant’s natural portrayal of the Skipper. And the Professor? Everybody’s crossing their fingers for a surprise cameo by Tom Flanagan. The Fraser Institute mailing list will supply undeserving millionaires.

Sources high within the Wildrose Party promised yesterday that the “libertarian” Alberta Opposition leader will be paying her own freight on board (FOB Vancouver) and won’t be doing any double-dipping at the expense of Sun News Network, which after all is lobbying hard for additional taxpayer and cable-subscriber support.

That would hardly do, since Ms. Smith has just turned in such a brilliant portrayal of a principled politician giving 8 per cent of her salary to charity – and successfully directing her 16 MLAs to do the same thing and look like they like it. Obviously, based on this, we can expect Ms. Smith to turn in a bravura performance aboard the ideological Flying Dutchman technically known unpronounceably as the MV Zuiderdam.

Alas, for every ray of sunshine like Ms. Smith’s addition to the crew of the Minnow, into every market fundamentalist’s life a little rain must fall. So it’s disappointing to have to report it appears very much as if Pamela Geller, director of both the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and something that sounds like Stop Initialization of America (SIOA) has cast off from the planned freedom cruise north to Alaska.

Ditto Michael Coren, the always-inspiring chronicler of Christian persecution at the hands of really rude and sanctimonious secular humanists. The well-known Christian broadcaster’s eyes have no doubt have turned heavenward, or at least Romeward, since Mr. Levant’s seagoing ideological clambake was first announced.

Leastways, both these leading lights of the right seem to have been dropped from the program, which tersely notes, “List of speakers subject to change.”

Still aboard, however, is Janet Annesley, Vice-President of Communications for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), who as previously noted will presumably be speaking about the threat posed by anarcho-primitivistic deep ecologists in rainbow-coloured submarines with plans to CAPP-size errant cruise ships full of bitumen buffers. This is a double concern, since so many CAPP members are closely tied to Ms. Smith’s Wildrose Party.

The Minnow will make its stately way through the pristine waters of British Columbia’s Inside Passage. This will give those on the ideologically approved passenger manifest the opportunity to see this marvelous seascape before it is smeared with Ethical Bitumen proudly shipped out of Alberta Premier Alison Redford’s home port aboard leaky Communist Chinese tankers.

Cruise participants must pay up to $8,679 to be trapped for nine days aboard the vast banana boat, which is thought to steer only to starboard. Talk about a carnival at sea!

(Sink the maritime disaster puns already! – Ed.)

Some hints of where Mr. Levant, who is known also to hold extremely strong views about the importation of unethical bananas, and the other loony market fundamentalists aboard would like to steer the onboard discussion may be found in the views on tropical fruit held by the original Gilligan’s Island screenwriters:

GILLIGAN: Skipper, should I pick the yellow bananas or the red bananas, because the yellow bananas are green?

SKIPPER: Then pick the red ones.

GILLIGAN: But the red ones are pink.

SKIPPER: Gilligan, I don’t care if you pick red, white and blue bananas, just pick some bananas!

GILLIGAN: Okay, Skipper… Blue bananas?

But that’s not funny, you say? Well, when you get right down to it, neither are Ezra Levant and Danielle Smith!

Meanwhile, in totally unrelated news, the same senior Wildrose source reports the party is trying desperately to get the so-called National Citizens Coalition to stop using Ms. Smith’s photo in anti-union Facebook ads placed by the sinister and extremist Astroturf group once headed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

So far, however, the NCC is said not to be returning the Wildrose Party’s phone messages. For his part, I don’t think Mr. Harper is returning anybody’s.

+ + +

Ezra Levant apologizes for Roma remarks

This just in: Sun News Network must want its mandatory carriage on basic cable TV pretty badly. Leastways, that’s the most reasonable explanation for Ezra Levant’s halfhearted effort late yesterday to apologize for and climb down from his racist remarks about the Roma people, originally made in his Sun News Network program, The Source, on Sept. 5, 2012.

After almost six months of silence, Mr. Levant admitted, sort of, that he was wrong to defame an entire people in terms eerily reminiscent of some of the darkest moments of modern history. True to form, however, Mr. Levant first attacked some of his other favourite targets, a well known environmentalist and aboriginal leaders, then tried to blame his comments about the Roma on an errant leftist impulse. He quoted Ayn Rand, the plumbiferous author beloved by the far right, assailing stereotyping as “the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism.” Ezra, a collectivist! Who’d've thought!

Mr. Levant also interviewed Sun News Network Vice-President Kory Teneycke, a former spokesperson in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office, who admitted that Mr. Levant “crossed the line” and said the network never should have allowed the episode to be aired.

Canadians still need to ask themselves if Mr. Levant, Mr. Teneycke and Sun News Network have sincerely apologized and committed themselves to changing their ways, and if we should therefore reward them with more generous licensing provisions.

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10 Comments on "A tale of a fateful trip: Alberta Wildrose leader to ship out on nine-day ‘Freedom Cruise’!"

  1. The linked Journal story made it utterly clear that Wildrose’s charity giveaway is, in fact, a cynical political stung. They are not donating their RRSP allowance – just the “after tax” portion of PART of the allowance. The other part – the LARGER part – they will happily accept.

    • Filostrato says:

      “They are not donating their RRSP allowance – just the “after tax” portion of PART of the allowance.”

      Unbelievably (I wish) hypocritical. And do they get an income tax break on their contribution? I wonder what that would bring the actual donation down to? The price of a cup of coffee?

      They shouldn’t have…

  2. anonymous says:

    I just wonder when the Wildrose gang (federal and provincial) will begin to appear in public in their snappy black uniforms and leather boots, holding riding crops.

  3. daveberta says:

    Dave – Ms. Smith is clearly serving Lemon Meringue pie.

    - Dave

  4. Filostrato says:

    Well, that settles it. If Pamela Geller and Michael Coren aren’t going on the cruise, then neither am I. Although the tempting possibility of “The Wiz” Flanagan spouting forth is almost enough to make me change my mind.

    And if the engines should fail or the electrical systems pack up, leaving the cruisees up to their ears in organic fertilizer, they can always rig up a sail or two from some tablecloths and set the banana-fuelled Mr. Levant behind them to blow them into the nearest port – if it will accept them.

  5. Bruce A says:

    If only Hunter S. Thompson were alive today to spice up the punch bowl. This cruise is the Kooky Right’s answer to The Merry Pranksters and they could call themselves the Babblin’ Ayn Rand Ramblers. Too bad the Pranksters offspring aren’t going though.

    Ezra Trips Into A Really Black Hole. That’s Good Punch! Please, sir, I want some more!

  6. ronmac says:

    With any luck maybe they’ll get hijacked by Somalia pirates.

  7. P.Hertel says:

    Another poop cruise and this time they don’t even need to lose power….

  8. Rob Rheaume says:

    You do realize that WRP still won 17 seats. How many did NDP win, How many Liberal Seats. If I am correct they don’t add up to the WRP and you can bet it will be a WRP majority in 2016.

    I have read the comments on several storieis posted. You folks spend more time learning how to be divisive and full of vitrial hate with a sarcasm that isn’t really all that funny to begin with. So by making these remarks, its safe to assume that you are insulting the 500, 000 people who voted WRP in the last election. I’m guessing there will be more.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a fiscal conservative/libertarian with a respectable socialist agenda. So the WRP has one clown whose blog is anti-gay. So she didn’t distance herself fast enough. She made a mistake and that mistake cost her the Government. She still took more seats than the other progressive parties which just want to tax and spend their way out of a problem.

    Its funny how you guys don’t mind using the tools that capitalism and entrepreneurs have brought to the table. The glass is never half full in your world. Its always empty. You guys are never happy. You hate Harper and yet Mr. Trudeau is to the left what Harper is to the Right judging by your standards. If Trudeau is that bad, (which I predict he is) than what does that say about Mr. Mulcair. These men are fit to govern the Nation anymore than Mr. Harper.

    Take Mr. Trudeau’s remarks about pipelines. He says he is in favor of Keystone but not the N.Gateway. He also went on to mention there are other ways to get the oil to the west coast. Here lies the problem. BC is concerned about two things. 1) the pipleline that goes to west coast and 2) the oil tanker traffic along the coast that would take the oil to market. So if Justin Trudeau says he opposes Gateway yet says there has to be a better way to get oil to the coast, is he implying he doesn’t mind the oil tankers? He is not as transparent about this issue. He is like that on many portfolios. Mr. Mulcair has made it clear where he stands on Oil, pipelines and Alberta. The reality is we don’t know where these men stand on many issues and like Harper’s hidden agenda, the right has every right to question the integrity and loyalty of the left, especially if they want to steer the Provincial and National Ship. So big deal about a cruise to Alaska. Big deal if they lighten things up a little. At least they will see the coastline which some locals feel might be threatened.

    Imagine if Kinder Morgan Transmountain Pipeline failed and had to shut down for an extended period. Imagine BC’s only refinery going offline as a result. A refinery that produces all blends of fuels. All of the sudden we would quickly see just how important aircraft fuel is to Van Int Airport, the Nations second bussiets. No diesel for the ferries so no tourists going back and forth to the island. If you double the population in the lower mainland, you double the consumption. What does that mean? Perhaps doubling the KMTP which is also being rejected by Adrian Dix.

    So go ahead with your sarcassim (which isn’t that humorous to begin with) and bash these people. Perhaps it makes you feel good, almost as good as your participation in Earth Hour? Who knows. The reality is the work will get done by hard working Canadians who try and fill your empty glass every day.


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